unless you’re gonna follow the recipes given to you by actual brown people

back the fuck up off of our fucking food. i’m sick of cultural dishes getting butchered by “innovative” crackers

i’m sick of traditional foods getting destroyed and my culture being chipped away at

because what you shits…

I think it’s funny that people who think and write like this think they’re smart. Anger is a barrier to rational thought. With that being said, tacos are delicious no matter who is cooking them. Cultures that share a space will naturally borrow from one another.

Imagine if a white person had said “Dear brown people, back the fuck up off our food! I’m tired of “innovative” darkies messing with european food!” They would be lynched. lol

Hypocritical hypocrites pushin the hypocrisy. :P

Imagine if I complained about my mother (who is White Jewish American) cooking middle-eastern dishes and I or my father complained that she shouldn’t cook them because she is not middle-eastern.

Some of my friends actually hold cook-offs between them to see who makes the best cultural dishes. They are White, Hispanic, and Black. Do they care that a white person is cooking some Soul food, or the brother is cooking a burrito, or the hispanic is cooking fried chicken. No we all enjoy our food, because its food.

Dumb asses that think white people shouldn’t cook other cultural foods…

For real, I am a white American and I love Mexican and Italian foods!!

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    Oh, of course tumblr thinks they fucking are. Sure, Italians, Spanish, Mexicans, all the same, put them on the PoC bag.
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    According to tumblr Italians are “PoC”s, I believe.
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    Knowing sjws they’d label you a race traitor or throw a racial slur at you.
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    When I was 13, I went to a buffet with my family and used hot dogs in my hard tacos instead of meatsauce. Clearly I need...
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    I’m going to shut you the fuck up you fucking chimpanzee looking bitch. I have practice but ill write this when I get...
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    Whenever a Japanese person uses forks…..a little European child spontaneously combusts
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